Seven- K, s.r.o. – a short performance

Welcome to SEVEN-K, s.r.o. website - the biggest supplier of electroless nickel in the Czech republic.

Our main offered technology is electroless nickel plating. Today we are the biggest supplier in our country, as the only one we provide the composite surface adjustments, as f.e. Niflor and black electroless nickel plating.

We are the supplier for the aircraft industry where the quality demands are the highest. As the only one company in the Czech republic, we are able to apply the surface adjustment to the parts which are made by DMLS method. This year we would like to establish the electrodialysis system which would ensure the top- level process constancy – there are only a few these systems in the world.

News: The Company has entered into the Contract for joint fulfillment of EKO-KOM and is registered under number EK-P00120008.

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